Weight Loss

Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe

Are you tired of carrying around those extra pounds? Feeling frustrated because your clothes no longer fit properly – or because you have finally given in and bought clothes in larger sizes? Have you avoided social situations or declined special opportunities to be a leader where you work because you’ve become self-conscious about your extra weight? Has it hurt your personal relationships?

Worse yet, has your blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol level risen, causing increased concern about your overall health?

With diabetes rates on the rise, consumers have come to learn that elevations in these health indicators can mean increased risk of debilitating health conditions. Recent research in North America and Europe has shown that increased belly fat, especially over the age of 50 (even when simply measured according to skirt size changes) is related to increased health risks. These include diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and stroke. So, you want to know more about how to lose belly fat.

There are many reasons to finally make a commitment to weight loss. But where should you start?

You want to know how to lose weight fast. You may want to start with a specific area and want to know how to reduce belly fat quickly.

Of course, before undertaking any serious weight loss efforts, you should start with a medical examination to ensure that you are healthy enough to make changes to your dietary routine and increase or start a regular exercise schedule.

How Do You Lose Weight Fast?

You’ve been wondering constantly about how to lose weight fast, and how to lose weight naturally. Once your doctor or other medical provider has given you approval to start a new routine and you have vowed to lose weight quickly, where can you begin? How to lose belly fat, in particular?

The answer is easy: there are three main steps you will need to take. To lose weight and keep it off, the equation is simple: burn more calories than you consume! This is something that weight loss supplements can enhance by altering your appetite and modulating your metabolism. Healthy food, exercise and the highest quality supplements will be the key to your weight loss success! These steps can even help you to understand how to lose 10 pounds in a week.

This does not mean starving yourself, which is an unhealthy and ineffective way to lose weight. If you want to know how to lose weight naturally, it means to reduce foods high in calories and low in nutrition; increase your activity level to boost your metabolism; and to supplement your efforts with proven, natural nutritional supplementation.

So, how to lose weight fast? Specifically, how to lose BELLY fat?

For those in need of extreme weight loss (if one is ‘morbidly obese’), there are a number of (synthetic) pharmaceutical agents that often require a prescription. These products are normally used only for those patients whose body mass index, or BMI, is greater than 30. Body mass index is calculated using your height and weight.

Examples of these pharmaceutical drugs include Meridia (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate), which significantly alters brain chemicals; Alli, which blocks normal fat absorption from the intestines, and Phentermine, a stimulant that behaves like amphetamines when acting on the brain. These agents have extreme effects on the body, and carry several serious risks. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, but value your overall health, you must research carefully before staring your weight loss program.

Your research will show that when purchased from non-reputable sources outside of the United States or from the Internet, pharmaceutical weight loss drugs have even proven highly dangerous. For example, when some dieters used Xenical (also known as Alli) purchased from unofficial sources, they became seriously ill because it had been mixed with sibutramine, a currently -withdrawn weight loss drug that was intended only for specific patients.

In 2010, Meridia was removed from the market and is no longer available in over a dozen countries. It affected normal brain chemicals called neurotransmitters and was linked to liver damage and even stroke.

Sibutramine can cause serious cardiovascular side effects, which may include dangerous increases in blood pressure or heart rate (pulse).

Given the risks associated with these pharmaceutical products, one thing is clear: it’s better to learn how to lose weight naturally!

How To Lose Weight Fast, Naturally – Use High Quality Supplements!

Given the serious health risks posed with strong pharmaceutical weight loss pills, it is clear that a more natural approach is preferable, even if it may require more time to achieve your desired weight loss results. These include your efforts as to how to lose belly fat. Weight loss should never become a race to your goal.

When doctors and researchers speak of “clinically meaningful” weight loss, they are describing weight loss that is sufficient to lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other conditions. This is generally the case when someone loses five percent (5%) or more of their starting body weight. The good news is that there are ways to lose belly fat and to lose weight naturally.

It’s important to do your homework if you’re thinking about trying one of the hundreds of (non-prescription) over-the-counter weight-loss pills. General information about many dietary supplements is available at the website of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines.

The United States Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database summarizes a large body of research regarding dietary supplements and herbal products. While it’s good to learn how to lose weight naturally, one remaining challenge the quality of ingredients and concentrations of active molecules varies widely – some products were recently shown to contain none of the ingredients listed on their labels!

Still, interest in natural diet supplements continues to increase, with over $60 billion (yes, that’s $60 BILLION) spent annually on weight loss! Yet, only a handful of them work to support long term weight loss. Let’s discuss how to lose weight naturally, including that stubborn belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Many of us feel uncomfortable when we realize how much excess belly fat we are carrying; in fact, it’s dangerous to our overall health to carry this fat over a number of years. We actually increase our risks for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancers when our mid-section holds too much belly fat! Excess belly fat even reduces our sugar-burning insulin sensitivity.

Some products work by reducing the levels of the “stress hormone,” cortisol. When we are feeling stressed, our body reacts to “save” us by increasing production of this hormone.

Thanks to evolutionary genes, cortisol tells our bodies to prepare for tough times, and as if we are going into a period when food is scarce. As a result, cortisol directs our bodies to retain more calories than in non-stress periods.

This means we pack on extra weight, just like a polar bear before she hibernates for the winter! And where does this weight usually accumulate first?

That’s right – we gain belly fat.

Some over-the-counter weight loss products claim to have heat generating, or thermogenic effects; this means these agents speed up your metabolism to burn more calories.

Some of this begins in the brain, where natural supplements can reduce your cravings, ultimately leading to less body fat especially in the midsection (belly fat). For tips on how to lose weight naturally and safely, please read our other articles on this website. We’re here to support you in your weight loss journey!